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Full/Partial Outsourcing

Utilize us when your volume isn’t quite enough for a full/part-time staff or let us do it all. We can perform any or all of these functions:  insurance verification and authorization, billing, collections and cash application with our team of professionals.

Patient Balances

Pre or Post service solutions to secure and improve the collection of the growing balances owed by patients in this new era of high deductibles and copays.


Staff or Interim management resources tailored to your needs.

Billing Compliance Audits

Let us conduct periodic billing review to meet and maintain your compliance audit requirements.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle/Reimbursement Review

Through an extensive on-site review of processes, documentation and interviews with staff and management we provide a written review of our findings, make recommendations for improvement and offer solutions to improve performance and outcomes.

Consulting Solutions

System Data Analysis

Review financial reports for pricing, cost and system set up improvements that allow for better business analysis and financial outcomes.

A/R Projects

One-time or periodic placements of A/R to supplement your staff’s efforts, improve cash flow and reduce bad debt reserves.

Medicare Qualification & Appeals

We can help qualifying Medicare patients before they come on service or provide assistance with reconsideration, redetermination or ALJ.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Post Acquisition Transitional Services

Our team can prepare you for the sale of your pharmacy, assist in the due diligence of an acquisition or support integration post-acquisition.

Our Revenue Cycle Solutions

deliver a full-range of services including intake, billing, collection and cash application as a supplement to existing staff or as an outsourced solution.

Service Solutions

Policy & Procedure Development

We will review your processes and develop policies and procedures specific to your organization.

Strategic Partnerships

WeInfuse was founded by experienced Infusion Center operators who have spent the better part of 14 years learning how to start, manage, and improve this unique model of medication delivery. We are passionate about creating a web-based application to simplify and reduce the incredible complexity involved with managing Infusion Centers. Our aim is to reduce confusion and decrease risk for Infusion Center managers while improving patient care. https://weinfuse.com/

Rock-Pond Solutions builds powerful business intelligence tools that track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a pharmacy, department or specific process. Through the use of reporting, dashboards, analytic cubes and data movement tools, Rock-Pond simplifies complicated data sets to provide end users to get more value out of their data, consolidate multiple data points and align their organization. http://www.rock-pond.com/

VGM and Associates is a Member Service Organization committed to the HME Industry. With independent home medical equipment providers playing a vital role in communities across America, the VGM Group helps members identify and act on innovative opportunities. VGM's promise is to work relentlessly to develop programs to take on your toughest business challenges. VGM  helps you do what you do best; serve your patients. https://www.vgm.com/


For more than a decade, Asembia has been working with specialty pharmacies, manufacturers, prescribers, payers and other industry stakeholders to develop solutions for the high-touch specialty pharmaceutical service model. Through collaborative programs, contracting initiatives, patient support hub services and innovative technology platforms, Asembia is committed to positively impacting the patient journey. https://www.asembia.com/


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